Bill Hatcher
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6097 allentown rd
milton, florida
As a young boy I was fortunate to be neighbors with the late great Joe Johnson
and Jim Calia when they flew in the San Francisco Racing Pigeon Club. With
their help, I became hooked on racing pigeons and eventually started racing in
1970. I have had the wonderful experience of having some of the Greats in the
sport as my mentors and friends. We now have relocated to Ada Oklahoma on
60 acres where my children can have room to grow in an environment that we
feel is better suited for quality of life. We will strive to breed the very best
racing pigeons as well as to pursue our interest in cattle as well.  We took the
name of a past giant in our sport whom I respected and admired, the late great
but not forgotten "Al Baccone".  Yes hes been gone since 1975 and his birds
and their legacy keep going but we dont want Al to be forgotten.  The same way
we feel about "Jim Calia" who we also respected and admired for the man that
he was.  My other best friends of the sport, Roy Hunter and The McEvoy
Brothers, Joe and Stan.  They were like part of my family.   We may live for
today but we never forget those in our Past.

In 1992 I took a leave of absence from the birds and pursued other interests.
After auctioning off all the birds in Hawaii, I stayed in touch through the years
with some flyers and watch the sport begin to evolve with the advent of the
internet. A lot of us baby boomers were starting to retire and take the road of
increased racing or we took interest in one loft racing. Now, many fanciers who
dont have the time or location are breeding strictly for one loft racing.
This aspect of our sport has revolutionized participation for those who love to
breed and test, yet don't have the time nor desire to fly any longer. Prize money
has driven the cost of super birds through the roof and now for many, the quest
is on to find those birds that will win those specialized one loft races.
We think that too many fanciers are concerned with pedigree and not enough
emphasis on performance.. Honestly, we don't care what the strain is but we
track its performance record and  focus primarily on its  history and then
pedigree  for those specialized races..............We breed for the one loft races
and we want those fanciers who strive for those birds that perform in those
races to realize that there is more to just having the good birds.....Our theories
and methods we practice are shared with you on this site.  The evolution of our
sport involves us sharing what knowledge we have that has been practiced and
proven in our own experience.   This approach is for the best interest of the
sport.  We don't pretend to know it all, but what we do know and trust, we share
with you our peers.  Our ideas stem from experience and if we are onto new
ideas, our goal nonetheless is to improve the quality of racing, breeding and
pigeon sportsmanship.    Long live our sport.