Super Breeder, 1st prize 2007 WoW Truck Race,18k.
Foundation son of "Steves Girl", who is the 1st
cousin to "Madonna" . Gr.son of "Mr. San Diego"
1st San Diego Triple Crown and Breeders Cup,27k
Super breeding Hen,  dam, gr.dam to all the best
one loft money winners at Galaxy.
850 781 6444
13 Pinoy 1365 bch "Working Girl"  =1st (2 on drop) 2013
Blue Bucket open 350.  1285.ypm..8hrs. 15 min.
sire:  "Repo Man" x "Daves Dream"    3K
                   where winning is no accident
14 Pinoy 1314   was on the drop 4 of 5 races at the
World Series Races in LA.  In the final, only 14 birds
came on the day......Taz was first to arrive.... 12K
=1st San Diego Classic, half sister to
"Taz Mahal" , half sister to "Working
Girl".  Dam:  "Daves Dream"
Sire:  "Another Shorty"..
1st San Diego Classic, bred from "Kei''
when mated to "Blue Bijou" another
super Koopman Hen / Galaxy cross.
"River " was equal 1st 350mi final in the 2017 Crooked River Race series.   "Sneak Peak" her sibling brother, was =1st at the Plymouth

Peak 326 mi. final.    Both are from "Charleys Heaven our Premier Koopman Cock and " Solara" our Galaxy family line hen.  Solara herself

was a successful OLR flier garnering 2nd 375 mi. Final,, 20 daybirds..NFOLR, 2012.  She was also 2nd Champion Avg. Speed bird.
2017 RACE results / only 4 races entered 1 more to go